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NEW – Climate Displacement in Bangladesh

Young faces of climate displacement, Rajbari.

In January 2011, a team from Displacement Solutions visited Khulna District in Bangladesh – the ground zero of climate change. DS and its partners the Association for Climate Refugees visited some of the world’s most destitute locations affected by large-scale climate-induced displacement in the world today. Climate Displacement in Bangladesh, which has just been released, catalogues images captured by world renowned photo journalist Kadir Van Lohuizen during the DS mission to the southwestern delta region of Bangladesh. The people pictured in the booklet are just some of the 6.5 million who have already been displaced by climate change in Bangladesh – people who desperately need their housing, land and property rights met, not some time in the future, but today. Their faces and circumstances of life tell a tale of both hope and despair. Displacement Solutions is working closely with the Association for Climate Refugees in Bangladesh to find human rights-based solutions for these people, and provide them with new land for lost land, and new homes for lost homes. Since January 2011, more than 2,500 acres of new land has been found for the climate refugees.

Please download this new publication here. (High Resolution PDF – 33.7 MB)

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