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Great News to Start 2016!

Our One House at a Time Project in Bangladesh has gotten off to a great start in 2016 with a generous donation by the Dutch NGO Stichting FortUna which has been matched by DS. Together these funds will provide rights-based land and housing solutions for two climate-displaced families (12 persons) in eastern Bangladesh.

The One House at a Time Project is administered by DS and implemented by our partners YPSA. After careful research, and building on YPSA’s decades of experience working with the most vulnerable communities in Bangladesh, the project aims to assist particularly disadvantaged climate displaced families near Chittagong to find new land and housing solutions which will allow them to start life anew.

USD 8,400- is all it takes to provide access to land, a new home with solar energy, and permanent access to clean water.

Partial funds for a third house are already in place, with funds currently reaching USD 1700- thanks to the initiative of Dutch Photographer Nelke van Dijk who is working to fund a third house through the sales of her latest book Water Imagined. Nelke’s extraordinary work can be viewed here. We can guarantee you that you will never be able to look at water in the same way again once you’ve seen Nelke’s amazing photos!

Join us on this exciting new project and work with us to repair climate displacement one house and one family at a time in the country most a threat from climate change, Bangladesh. Every contribution helps!

A short flyer on the project can be accessed here.

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