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DS Congratulates the Winner of the 2015 Sasakawa Award

DS warmly congratulates Mr. Allan Lavell, for winning the 2015 Sasakawa Award and for his excellent work in Central America. Available here is an article about Allan Lavell, his work, and his achievement of the 2015 Award.

The Nippon Foundation’s Sasakawa Award for Disaster Risk Reduction is bestowed every two years on people and institutions that have made an important contribution to disaster risk reduction around the world.

This year, some 88 nominations were received by the Awards Jury, including Displacement Solutions and our Climate Displacement Law Project. DS was officially nominated by the Executive Director of UN HABITAT, Jean Clos, for our work around the world seeking to resolve climate displacement through the provision of new land resources to climate displaced communities, work we have been engaged in since 2007. The DS nominee page can be accessed here. And the DS nomination essay can be downloaded here.

DS was honoured to have been long-listed for the Award along with 32 other fantastic nominees in December 2014.

DS again salutes Allan Lavell for this year’s prize and wishes all of the 87 other nominees the best of luck in their challenging work to reduce disaster risks wherever they may be present.

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