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Ninth OHOF House ready for occupants!

We are delighted to announce the completion of the ninth house of the joint DS-YPSA One House One Family at a time project (OHOF) in Bangladesh, which serves to provide free, lifelong housing to some of this country’s most vulnerable climate displaced families. DS coordinates OHOF, while YPSA manages the entire process on the ground – identifying suitable land sites and purchasing these, working with architects to design the homes, amassing building materials, building the homes with local labour and identifying the beneficiary families who are provided free, lifelong tenancies in the OHOF homes.

100% of DS’ time involved in this project is pro bono in nature, and 100% of all funds raised go straight to Bangladesh to provide real, land-based solutions to climate displacement.

In 2021 we will shortly commence Phase 3 of OHOF with a target of eleven (11) new homes and a fundraising target of USD 96,000, thus bringing the total number of homes to 20, enough for as many as 120 people.

To date we have raised USD 12,000 for Phase 3, so have USD 84,000 to go. If you would like to play a direct role in finding housing solutions for some of the world’s first climate IDPs, please let us know and we will let you know how to do this. Thank you again to all of the supporters who made Phases 1 and 2 such a success, so much so that more than 50 people have adequate homes now that would not have otherwise.

COVID-19 masked YPSA Director Arif Rahman in front of House No. 9.

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