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DS & YPSA Launch Phase 3 of One House, One Family at a time in Bangladesh

DS and YPSA are delighted to announce the launch of Phase 3 of our One House, One Family at a time project in Bangladesh where we raise funds and build permanent homes for some of this country’s most vulnerable climate displaced families.

If you have you ever wanted to do something directly about climate change, now you can.

During the first two phases of OHOF we built nine (9) high quality, safe houses providing permanent, lifelong housing solutions for more than 50 people who through no fault of their own have been displaced because of the ravages of climate change

Once Phase 3 is completed, OHOF will have built 20 homes and provided much needed housing to some 120 Bangladeshi citizens

With your help we are planning to build eleven (11) more homes and assist up to 70 more climate displaced people.

As is well-known, Bangladesh is one of the countries hardest hit by climate change. Every year tens of thousands of people across the country permanently lose their homes to rising sea levels, violent tropical cyclones, devastating floods and other effects of climate change. Most have nowhere else to go. Solving this problem starts with land.

Displacement Solutions has worked on this problem in Bangladesh for seven years with our local partner Young Power in Social Action (YPSA – We have discovered that, after being displaced, many people are remaining in what should be temporary settings such as living on roadsides and embankments despite increasingly unliveable conditions – such as a lack of clean drinking water or unsanitary conditions due to regular flooding of their houses – but are unable to leave as they have no viable alternative; they want to relocate but have no option to do so.

We encourage everyone to donate what they can to help us reach our total target of US$ 100,100. To date we have raised US$ 12,000, so have US$ 88,100 to go – Help us reach our goal.

We urge, in particular, everyone who works for climate change organisations and these organisations themselves to put their money where their mouths are and join in this growing global effort to provide concrete housing solutions for the world’s most rapidly growing group of displaced persons, those forced to flee their homes because of climate change.

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