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Your Chance to Help Climate Displaced Families in Bangladesh Find a New Home

Displacement Solutions believes in solving climate displacement wherever possible. We believe in Doing Something! Our One House, One Family at a time project in Bangladesh does precisely this. We have built four houses thus far and are now raising funds for the second round of four additional houses and we hope you will join us in this quest. Each house costs USD 8400- to build, including the land plot, the two-bedroom dwelling, access to water and other amenities. We are now raising USD 34,000- to construct the next four houses and hope you can help. 100% of all funds raised go towards the project which is locally managed by our partners Young Power in Social Action (YPSA). We have produced a new backgrounder on the project which you can view here: Bangladesh One House One Family 2017 flyer. Have a look at our new short film on the project which you will find below on our homepage, together with our other films. Remember: This is YOUR chance to DIRECTLY assist families displaced because of climate change; YOUR chance to SOLVE climate displacement; and YOUR chance to resist climate deniers the world over. Please write to us today at if you would like to learn more.

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