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Using Planning Law to Prevent Climate Displacement – New DS Publication

Based on our extensive experience working in more than 20 climate-affected countries, DS believes that in order to effectively address climate displacement States must take a perspective beyond the emergency humanitarian needs of those threatened with climate displacement. Measures and tools must be implemented now that both protect communities against displacement occurring as well as ensure that persons who are displaced can rebuild their lives with all of their human rights respected, protected and fulfilled. Although States are primarily responsible for preventing and resolving climate displacement in their territory, global solidarity is required in order to effectively address climate displacement. This includes ensuring the contribution of all States as well as a broad and inclusive range of stakeholders, disciplines and perspectives in the design and implementation of measures and tools to address climate displacement. To this end, DS today released a new report The Critical Role of Land Use Planning in Preventing and Resolving Climate Displacement which addresses the critical – and as yet largely unexplored – role that land use planning can and must play in preventing and resolving climate displacement. To access the report, click here: The Critical Role of Land use Planning in Preventing and Resolving Climate Displacement (August 2016)

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