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Thank You to Everyone for Comments on the Draft Peninsula Principles on Climate Displacement

Displacement Solutions expect the final text of the Peninsula Principles on Climate Change Displacement to be approved on 18 August. Please check back then for further updates.

In the meantime, this film on climate displacement in the Solomon Islands released by SBS yesterday tells the story of one of numerous communities already grappling with the reality of climate displacement today.

It is our hope that the Peninsula Principles can assist communities the world over who are threatened with climate displacement and form the foundation of laws and policies designed to full protect the housing, land and property rights of these communities wherever they are in the world.

Thanks again for your comments!

The Solomons: Dying Islands


As Australia grapples with resettling asylum seekers in the Pacific, the region is struggling to deal with its own displaced people.

Islands are becoming uninhabitable as the sea level slowly rises, forcing people to relocate.

Thousands will be affected in the Solomons Islands alone and the government has no firm plans yet for what to do with them.

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