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Support to Bangladeshi Lawyers to Protect the Rights of Climate Displaced Persons

On 30 December 2015, The Chittagong Bar Association formally launched the “Lawyers Initiative for Displacement Solutions” (LIDS) with the support of DS and the Bangladesh HLP Initiative. 


LIDS is committed to enhancing the knowledge of climate displacement among the legal profession in Bangladesh. LIDS also intends to advocate for more effective laws and policy to protect the rights of climate displaced persons in Bangladesh. LIDS has already began advocating for better access to legal aid for climate displaced persons. Finally, LIDS is investigating the possibility of strategic (public interest) litigation on behalf of climate displaced persons under the Constitution of Bangladesh. 


DS strongly believes that the legal profession has a vital and unique role to play in protecting the rights of climate displaced persons in Bangladesh. Since 2011, DS and the Bangladesh HLP Initiative have provided a series of training and capacity building events and workshops for lawyers and trainee judges in Bangladesh. These events were led by national and international legal experts and led directly to the launching of LIDS in 2015.

To get in touch with the Bangladesh HLP Initiative, please email:

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