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Second Land Parcel Purchased in Bangladesh for Climate Displaced Families

DS is delighted to announce that the second land parcel of our One House, One Family (OHOF) at a time project in Bangladesh has been procured. Our amazing partner YPSA purchased the first parcel last year and coordinated the construction of four new homes that were allocated to four highly vulnerable households that were forced to flee their former coastal homes due to the effects of climate change. The new land parcel is large enough for five new homes and DS has raised one-third of the remaining funds needed for the new homes. We still need USD 21,000 for the construction materials needed for the homes and encourage all of you to consider contributing to this world’s first project designed to directly benefit victims of climate displacement, who without these houses, would have nowhere else to go. 100% of all funds raised as part of OHOF go straight to Bangladesh, so you can rest assured that all of your donations, no matter how small, will be used in full to build new homes for some of Bangladesh’s most disadvantaged families. 

The photographs below were taken in August 2018 and show the first four homes and their new inhabitants. Please let us know if you would like any additional information and how you can assist.

DS would again like to thank everyone who has made donations to OHOF and urges everyone to get their friends and family to join this movement to provide direct assistance to people forced to flee their homes because of climate change. Thank you! 

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