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Report of The Bougainville Resettlement Initiative

Report of the Displacement Solutions hosted meeting entitled The Bougainville Resettlement Initiative, held in Canberra, Australia on 11 December 2008. This unique gathering brought together community representatives of the world’s largest mass resettlement programme due to climate change from the Carteret Islands in Papua New Guinea, Government officials from the island of Bougainville, private landowners from Bourgainville, private sector investors, AusAid representatives, UN officials, resettlement and human rights experts, various NGOs and representatives from various other small island states threatened with rising sea levels, including Tuvalu, Kiribati and the Maldives. The meeting developed detailed and concrete proposals to facilitate, in a rights-based manner, the resettlement modalities of the 6000 atoll dwellers who will relocate to Bougainville.

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