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Now Available in Paperback – Repairing Domestic Climate Displacement: The Peninsula Principles

One of our recent books – Repairing Domestic Climate Displacement: The Peninsula Principles – edited by DS Director Scott Leckie and long-time DS associate Prof. Chris Huggins and published by Routledge in 2015 is now available in paperback. The book provides detailed explanations and interpretations of the Peninsula Principles and includes in-depth discussion of the legal, policy, and programmatic efforts needed to uphold the standards and norms embedded in thePrinciples. The book aims to provide scholars and policy-makers with the conceptual understanding necessary to ensure that national-level policies are in place to respond to the climate displacement challenge, as well as a firm sense of the programme-level approaches that can be taken to anticipate, reduce, and manage climate displacement. This remains one of the only books dedicated to finding concrete solutions to climate displacement and is an invaluable source for lawyers, organisations, governments and others dedicated to preventing, repairing and resolving climate displacement wherever it occurs. You can find an order form for the book here – Paperback – Repairing Domestic Climate Displacement The Peninsula Principles 1MB – We hope you will read the book and apply the approaches it outlines! New land for lost land, new housing for lost housing!

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