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NEW – Photo Essay on Climate Displacement in Tuvalu

Few countries, if any, are as threatened by climate change as one of the world’s most unique nations – Tuvalu. DS has been active in Tuvalu since 2010 working on the question of climate displacement and related housing, land and property rights questions. With a view to revealing to the world the reality of life in Tuvalu today, and what stands to be lost forever if steps are not taken immediately to halt rising sea levels, DS has released a photo essay describing the challenges facing Tuvalu as a consequence of climate-induced displacement, whilst also outlining creative, well-informed and nuanced solutions to this crisis. Based upon DS’s field visits together with UN Habitat to Tuvalu in 2010 and 2011, and utilising pictures taken by the renowned Pacific photographer, Jocelyn Carlin, the message of this photo essay is one of both hope and the need for planning for an uncertain future.

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