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First Homes of the ‘One House, One Family at a Time Project’ in Bangladesh are Under Con

The Joint ‘One House, One Family at a Time Project’ in Chittagong, Bangladesh with our excellent partners YPSA has marked a milestone with the construction of the first houses now underway. The OHOF Project raises funds for new housing resources for particularly vulnerable climate displaced families in eastern Bangladesh. DS has raised funds for three houses thus far and hope that additional contributions will be added soon.

The OHOF Project provides a direct way for people who want to directly assist people displaced by climate change to make a real and direct difference in their lives. Each house costs a total of USD 8300- which covers the costs for land, housing, amenities, solar panels, a well, registration costs and labour. 100% of all funds raised for the project go directly to Bangladesh for the construction of these homes. This project is compassion in action. If you care about climate change and the tragic displacement it is already causing, please join our movement!

The five photos below show progress made thus far, with completion expected by the end of the year. Well done to Shahjahan at YPSA for managing this amazing process!

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