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DS Welcomes Participants to the Roundtable on Improving Land Access for Climate Displaced People

DS is delighted to welcome all participants to Geneva for the Roundtable on Improving Land Access for Climate Displaced Persons and Communities! This event is one of the first-ever international gatherings to discuss the details of what it will mean to find new land for everyone, everywhere who is displaced due to the effects and consequences of climate change. We have brought together a diverse and highly experienced group of global experts on these issues and hope to come up with a series of new recommendations on how best to increase the chances for the growing millions of people across the world who are in the process of facing climate displacement. Our report on the meeting will be released in several weeks, so please come back then and have a read. Thanks for coming everyone! And thanks to the HEI for co-hosting this event with us.

You can read the Opening Statement by DS Director Scott Leckie here: FINAL Opening Statement by SL to DS Roundtable


A Public Event featuring many speakers from the Roundtable on ‘Bigger Slums or Better Homes? Solving the Global Climate Displacement Crisis Begins with Land will be held from 18:15-20:00 at the HEI’s Auditorium Ivan Pictet B, Maison de la Paix, Geneva (Across from UNHCR) – Everyone is welcome to attend so we hope to see you there! An announcement of the event can be accessed here

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