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DS Director completes another round of law school instruction on climate change and displacement

DS Founder and Director Scott Leckie recently completed teaching his Climate Change and Displacement course at the Australian National University College of Law from 21-24 September, and his Climate Change and Human Rights course at the Law School of the University of Melbourne from 30 September – 6 October, Australia’s two leading law schools.

Scott designed and taught the world’s first law school course on climate change and displacement and has taught such courses for the past five years. He now teaches these courses at five of the world’s top universities.

One student who attended the October course at the prestigious University of Melbourne law school described her experience in the following way:

This was hands down, the most interesting and informative course I have undertaken in my University career. It’s extremely important to raise awareness about climate displacement and motivate people to take action, and you very much did that for all us, throughout the course. Thank you for being so passionate and inspirational!

Please contact if you would like Scott to teach a similar course at other universities with which you are affiliated. The more young lawyers working for climate justice, the better!

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