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Bhutanese Refugee Restitution Organisation (BRRO)

In late March 2010, the Bhutanese Refugee Restitution Organisation (BRRO) was established to seek restitution and compensation for the properties of more than 100,000 Bhutanese refugees who have not been allowed to return to Bhutan and reclaim their lands. Although most of the 20,000 Bhutanese refugee families still possess legal evidence of their ownership of vast tracts of land in southern Bhutan, with an estimated market value of well over US$ 1 billion, the Government in Bhutan continues to prevent the refugee community from re-establishing control over their homes, lands and properties. The Bhutanese Refugee Restitution Organisation (BRRO) was founded by the Bhutanese Refugee community with the assistance of Displacement Solutions and is dedicated to using every legal and peaceful means possible to secure residential justice for all of those who have lost their primary asset and sense of place in their home country of Bhutan.

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