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After Us The Deluge by Kadir van Lohuizen

Longtime DS collaborator and photojournalist extraordinaire Kadir van Lohuizen of NOOR Images has just released his latest beautiful photo collection, After Us The Deluge. This incredible book captures the uniquely presented images of climate change the world over using Kadir’s insightful eyes as a frontline guide to the horrors of climate change already devastating ever growing portions of our vulnerable planet. DS has had the great honour of working with Kadir in climate devastated parts of Bangladesh, along the eastern coastlines of Panama where the Guna people are already moving to new homes because of climate change, in Kiribati and beyond. After Us The Deluge contains chapters by a series of authors accompanied by Kadir’s award winning pictures from Greenland, the United States, Bangladesh, Panama, the Carteret Islands, Fiji, his home country of the Netherlands and many other parts of the globe that are very much living through the beginnings of the ravages of ever-worsening climate change, something hinted at in the title of this masterpiece. DS invites everyone who cares about climate change and those who wish to learn more get a copy of Kadir’s book and then as our initials say – Do Something – to become part of the solution to climate change and not another unwitting participant in the slow but constant degradation of our planet. Congratulations to Kadir for another stellar effort fighting the good fight!

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