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Watch our NEW film below – THE LANDSEEKERS

Our new film produced by documentary filmmakers extraordinaire, the team at Melbourne’s Youthworx, is called ‘The Landseekers’. The short film provides interviews of the very people who are on the front lines of trying to resolve – in a rights-based manner – the growing forced displacement being generated by the effects of climate change around the world. DS itself has been at the forefront of global efforts to prevent climate displacement and when prevention is no longer possible, to resolve and repair looming threats of displacement with community-designed and led, voluntary and planned relocation to suitable and safe land sites as close as feasible to the original homes and lands that will need to be left behind. Our earlier books, standard-setting and work on the ground with affected communities have all contributed to a growing embrace of what has been all too obvious to us for a decade, the simple fact that land lies at the core of rights-based solutions to climate displacement. Scroll down the home page of this site and you will be able to view The Landseekers there, along with our other films on related themes. 

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