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Report released on DS mission to examine a relocation project in Gramalote, Colombia.

In March 2015, a fact-finding mission from Displacement Solutions visited Colombia to examine a recent situation of climate change displacement and relocation.

Climate Displacement and Planned Relocation in Colombia: The Case of Gramalote details the tragedy of the people of Gramalote, a town in northeastern Colombia, which was completely destroyed by extreme flooding and landslides during “La Niña” in December 2010, leaving thousands homeless. Some 3,300 people were evacuated after the disaster and to this day are living as displaced people in temporary accommodation nearby.

Following the disaster, the government of Colombia commenced a far-reaching process to relocate and rebuild the town of Gramalote, in the words of the President “better than ever before”. The report examines the status of the relocation process almost five years later. It also explores the application of the 2013 Peninsula Principles on Climate Displacement Within States to the situation in Colombia. The document is available in English and Spanish and can be accessed here.

Cover - Climate Displacement and Planned Relocation in Colombia
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