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Article by Scott Leckie and Ezekiel Simperingham Published in the Forced Migration Review

A recent article by Scott Leckie and Ezekiel Simperingham of Displacement Solutions has been published in the latest edition of the Forced Migration Review (FMR). In the piece, the authors make a plea to the international community to return attention to the question of internal displacement generated by climate change, given the fact that this form of climate displacement is and will always be infinitely more prevalent than any cross-border displacement that may occur as a result of climate change. DS continues its work in more than a dozen countries, working together with communities already facing or threatened by climate displacement, and will continue to prioritise this dimension of climate displacement in the years to come.

Entitled ‘Focusing on climate-related internal displacement‘, the article highlights the current lack of coordination and preparation in finding and implementing solutions to climate displacement. It then goes on to illustrate how The Peninsula Principles on Climate Displacement Within States can assist in providing a practical and normative framework to guide the response to this complex issue.

The latest FMR publication concentrates on ‘Disasters and displacement in a changing climate’, and the following is a brief preamble to this publication by the editors, Marion Couldrey and Maurice Herson:

In light of the projected increase in the frequency and intensity of disasters associated with climate change, the number of people displaced in the context of disasters will inevitably rise. Existing national, regional and international legal regimes, however, currently respond to only some of the protection concerns arising from such displacement. Crafting an appropriate response will demand a cross-sectoral approach that addresses different forms of human mobility and which also recognises the local knowledge, values and beliefs of affected communities. FMR 49 includes 36 articles on ‘Disasters and displacement in a changing climate’, five articles on ‘Female genital mutilation (FGM) and asylum in Europe’, and five ‘general’ articles.

The article can be accessed here.

FMR Article p. 1
FMR Article p. 2
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