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Coastal Kids in Bangladesh Hold Debate on Climate Change in Their Local Area

On 3rd October at Chittagong Police Institution Auditorium, Young Power in Social Action (YPSA), based in Chittagong, Bangladesh, hosted a schools debate on how climate change affects their immediate area.


Sitakund Girls School defeated P.H. Amin Academy in the final round to become Champions of the Coastal Kids Debate Competition 2013.  The topic for the final round was “Climate Change is responsible for tidal flooding at Chittagong city.”

Eight schools participated in the Coastal Kids debate competition, with students from classes 6-8:  CDA Public School and College, Halishahar PH Amin Academy, Saint Plasid High School, Chittagong Police Institutions, Sitakund Girls School, Sitakund Govt. Adarsha School, Mirarsarai Pailot High School and Mirarshari Sarkerhat High School.

YPSA arranged the Coastal Kids debate competition with the support of Displacement Solutions.

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