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Just Released! Pocket Guide on Rights of Climate Displaced Persons

DS is pleased to announce the release of the Pocket Guide on The Rights of Climate Displaced Persons.

This Guide is written in non-technical language and is made specifically for climate displaced persons themselves.

As stated in the introduction to the Guide: “The aim of this guide is to provide practical, easy to follow advice on what people displaced from their homes and lands by climate change can do to get help.”

Based on the full body of international human rights law and The Peninsula Principles on Climate Displacement Within States, this quick guide provides concrete steps that climate displaced persons can take to get help, and it does so with reference to case studies of actual climate displaced communities.

Please contact Displacement Solutions at if you and your community would like assistance in contacting NGOs or other organisations that may be able to provide you with further advice. Please also contact us if you would like a hard copy of the Guide, which we can send to you free of charge.

An electronic copy of the Guide can be accessed here.

Pocket Guide (Front Cover)
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